About Silverstrand Technologies

Silverstrand Technologies, located in Greenville, South Carolina, was founded by engineers who developed their skills in southern California. We are passionate about creating products that improve people's lives. We believe that one way to do this is by focusing on products that help people to be safer and do their jobs better, quicker, or more efficiently. Our goal is always to create well thought-out products that are designed with the end-user perspective in mind. We seek to differentiate ourselves by creating highly reliable, cost-effective products that inspire repeat business and products the customer will recommend to others. We have years of experience keeping the costs down by integrating functions to keep the part count low. We strive to ensure the designs are robust and are readily manufacturable which minimizes rework and reject rates.

Our combined experience with companies from start-ups to major corporations gives us the vision, flexibility, and skill needed to quickly adapt our design approach to the specific needs of each client. We listen, we observe, and we constantly learn. We are constantly seeking to provide our clients the competitive edge companies need to win in a very competitive marketplace.

Silverstrand Technologies places a high priority on quality in all that we do. As part of our quality process, we ensure that all of our designs and analyses are well thought out, reviewed, and properly executed each step of the way. Our quality program starts with having the right person for the job.

At Silverstrand Technologies we have learned that good communication is a catylist for innovation and ensuring success within a project team, with customers, and with suppliers. We have found that by maintaining good rapport and by keeping the communication open, we consistently exceed customer expectations while delivering on schedule and on budget.

The core of our company is built around engineers who have a passion for innovation. These teams have the mission of optimizing each product from concept to delivery. With extensive experience in the commercial, military, and automotive fields, we bring a unique mix of talent and experience into each project we work on.

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