Product Development

We are experienced in developing a wide range of products for commercial, military, industrial, automotive, and medical markets. Put simply, products we have designed are in critical applications all around the world. Our product development process is based on the knowledge that the end users are relying on our products to consistently deliver high performance every day.

Silverstrand Technologies has an outstanding network of suppliers and manufacturing facilities to support projects of any size. Whether your engineering department is overloaded, lacks expertise, or for some other reason you need support, we are able to take projects from concept to production to ensure that you and your customers get the quality products you require.

We also have expertise in thermal management, circuit board design, and designing for harsh environments. All of our products are designed to be readily manufacturable and to consistently maintain the high quality our customers require. We strive to maximize quality while minimizing costs to give customers the best products while conserving their bottom line. Customer satisfaction leads to increased business which leads to business growth for everyone.

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