Design, Analysis, Testing, and Consulting Services

Silverstrand Technologies offers a wide range of engineering design, analysis, testing, and engineering consulting services.

Silverstrand Technologies' engineers have extensive experience designing an array of products. Many of our products are in daily service onboard aircraft, in emergency vehicles, in laboratories, in hospitals, and in many other places all around the world.

We have experience designing for environmental hazards including extreme thermal environments, water and salt exposure, shock and vibration, and high and low ambient lighting environments. We have design experience with the following:

Aircraft Fluid Systems
Aircraft Structures
Aircraft Support Equipment
Environmental Control Systems
Circuit Board Layout
Control Logic Flow Charts
Design for Manufacturability
Machined Parts

Mobile Computers
Plastic Parts
Ruggedized Electronics
Ruggedized LCD Displays
Sheet Metal
Steering Columns
Vehicle Brakes

We understand the science behind the designs. Based on years of experience, we analyze designs and optimize design solutions before the first prototype is built. This minimizes prototyping costs, keeps the project on schedule, and ensures customer satisfaction. We support your company by providing the analytical expertise is required for your project to develop the best products.

Silverstrand Technologies' engineers perform validation testing as well as investigative testing on an as needed basis. We have experience with thermal, structural, and shock and vibration testing. We also integrate testing into our analyses as needed to ensure the highest quality results.

Silverstrand Technologies offers consulting services either on site or in our office. Whether you have a large or small project, we want to ensure you get the support you need to achieve the best possible results. We are constantly seeking to provide our customers with superior experiences that result in quantifiable ROI for our clients. We can help frame problems and move you toward more positive outcomes, providing solutions that are well thought out, quantifiable, and profitable.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your company succeed, please contact us.



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